Originally, there is sound.

The sound of Bach, Schumann, Brahms…. which accompanied my listening since the most distant childhood. Then came the sound of my violin’s four strings, then the new technology sounds, discovered during adolescence.

Originally there is sound and movement. The movement of the bow, which gave me the sense of musical phrasing, the conductor’s arm, and even more his hands and full body movements. Gestures that shape and sculpt sound material, transmitting and combining energies.

And within the achievement of this extraordinary, sound absorbing experience, comes the act of composing, of giving a meaning to the sound.

The marvel of musical writing shapes time through the silence of thoughts, imagination, and technical sophistication. It elaborates astonishing sound universes developing a powerful, wordless language filled with emotion and metaphoric, captivating strength.

If composing is an art (in my view, the most complicated art as well as poetry), listening is a knowledge. It’s not a technical knowledge but a predisposition. It allows the public to grow an active, concentrated listening, able to discern the fundamental dimensions of the music and deeply perceive it.

That is why, beyond the activities of composing, conducting, teaching and leading a musical ensemble, I have also been a mediator. I am convinced that musical creation has no bounders, and each one of us is able to find his own listening key to the music. TM + Ensemble’s 25-year-old in-residence activities in Nanterre strongly confirm my confidence.

The Masters of the past, engraved in my childhood, as well as those who shaped the 20th century extraordinary musical adventure, formed my musical being. A century that achieved its Copernican Revolution. The various avant-gardes left us in heritage a both renewed and rooted in history musical language,  from polyphonic technics to  digital tools.

I make it a point in maintaining the close dialogue I preserve with the composers of the past and present, with numerous interpreters, and in particular TM+ interpreters. This companionship composers and interpreters is an essential dimension of my musical life.